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    Milkshake powder is made of purified coconut fat and milk components. Milkshakes come in 2 flavors: vanilla and chocolate. More flavors can be prepared on customers’ request.

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    Ice cream powder for HoReCa and factories

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    Ice cream powder for home ice cream machine

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    Ice cream powder for easy home use

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    Vegan ice cream powder

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    Milkshake powder

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    Yogurt type powder

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    Sweet whey powder

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    Skimmed milk powder

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    UHT creams


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      Factories / HoReCa

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      24 months

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      500 g / 1 kg / 25 kg bags

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    Used for making milkshake base at home or in a café (in any HoReCa sector) or for production of milkshake in industrial way.


    The composition of the product allows it to substitute for full cream milk powder or fresh milk to combine your favorite milk drink. For factories and HoReCa sector makes easier to manage production – no need to administer different products to get desired product – choose the one base and combine any flavored milk yourself! From 1 kg of powder can be produced approximately 4 liters of milkshake.


    Milkshake powder is creamy/white colored product, with neutral taste and smell, consists skimmed milk powder, refined vegetable oil and stabilizer.

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    Available flavors

    Vanilla flavor and also plain milkshake. Other flavors on request.

    Packaging and Loading

    The standard packaging is 0.5 kg, 1 kg or 25 kg multilayer paper bag with a polyethylene liner. Packages are provided on FIN pallets.

    Loading calculation of 25 kg bags on FIN pallets into 20 feet and 40 feet standard containers:

    kg bags layers pallets
    1 bag 25 - - -
    1 layer 125 5 - -
    1 pallet 1 250 50 10 -
    20ft container 12 500 500 100 10
    40ft container 25 000 1 000 200 20


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